Hi, my name is Susan

I'm a Versatile Project Manager // PSPO1 Certified // IT & Digital Media Enthausiast // KiteSurfer to be (a.k.a. noob) // Boardsports Enthausiast // Gamer // Foodie // World Explorer // Aspiring Front-End Developer

About me

About me

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Hi, I'm Susan, and currently I'm working as a Project Manager who's guiding a 3D- / configuration production team. I get to kick-off, lead and guide projects from start to end for all kinds of e-commerce clients who want to have a real-time interactive configuration of their product in their webshops in 3D.

In my spare time I'm learning all about front-end development again. I'm missing the part to work hands-on on products instead of helping from the side-line. With technology grown into what it is the day today, compared to when I was studying Multimedia back in 2004 or Games Development in 2008, it's just amazing to see how much you can achieve and build.

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A React App with a search functionality and a filter system. It fetches images of... wait for it... Cats!
Woohoo ;)

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Background Generator

HTML, CSS and Javascript used to make a page to randomly generate background colors or to combine defined colors. Once generated, you can copy the color code for your own use.

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Certified Product Owner #1

Okay, let's face it, #1 refers to the number of the Professional Scrum Product Owner certification ;) In February 2020 I passed my Professional Scrum Product Owner exam and can now proudly say that I'm a certified Product Owner! If you click on the button you'll be redirected to my scrum.org profile.

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Game Localization

From October 2012 up to December 2019, I've been working on the globalization of a variety of games. Having worked first on all kinds of external games, I've was moved to focus on our own franchise games created by multiple studios located in-house, but also by some studios located in different areas of the world. From start to end, I've been responsible to make sure our players get the best game-experience in their own language.

Some of the games I worked on include:

  • Heart's Medicine - Doctor's Oath
  • Parker & Lane - Crimminal Justice
  • Delicious - Emily's Moms vs Dads
  • The Love Boat
  • Heart's Medicine - Hospital Heat
  • Fabulous - Angela's High School Reunion

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